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TSD Driving School commits to:

1. Only offering driving instructors who are fully qualified to teach learner drivers under the Driving Standard Agency (DVSA) examination process, who are legally entitled to receive payments for professional driver training, and who have agreed to comply with the DVSA Code of Conduct.

2. Only offering driving instructors who have agreed to comply with the Highway Code, other relevant legislation and government guidelines on safe driving, including taking legal responsibility for the control of the tuition vehicle while giving tuition to a Provisional Driving Licence holder.

3. Only offering driving instructors who have committed to maintain a professional, polite and respectful manner towards you and other road users. TSD Driving School Instructors have committed to:

  • Not to smoke while you are in the tuition vehicle.
  • Not to use a mobile phone giving tuition.
  • Not to make any physical contact with you, except in exceptional circumstances (eg to maintain legal and safe control of the vehicle)
  • Never drive or give driving tuition while under the influence of drug or alcohol, including prescribed medication that prohibits driving.
  • Always present themselves for tuition wearing clean and presentable clothing in keeping with TSD Driving School standards.

4. Allocate you to a driving instructor who has advised us that they can conduct tuition at times and locations that are convenient for you in the vehicle type that you have chosen to learn to drive in (Manual or Automatic) and to arrange for the instructor to attempt to make contact with you to confirm arrangements for the first lesson before this takes place.

5. Endeavour to allocate you suitable alternative TSD Driving School Instructor in your local area if you are unhappy with the service you are receiving from your current instructor for any reason or if either the TSD or the instructor terminates the franchise agreement in place between the parties.

6. Provide an efficient telephone-based customer administration service 362 days a year, manned by skilled and knowledgeable staff, enabling you to arrange the date and time of your first lesson (subsequent lessons are arranged directly with the instructor) and to rise any customer service queries or complaints.

7. Protect any personal data held about you on our systems in accordance with the Data Protection Act and to not use this data, or supply it to other parties for marketing purpose, where you have elected not to receive any marketing communication.

8. Deal with complaints in a professional and fair manner and, where practical, facilitate the resolution of disputes with your instructor. Please note that the contract for tuition is between yourself and the instructor.

9. Arrange for your training to be undertaken in a fully insured, modern, comfortable, reliable, well-maintained or roadworthy vehicle.

10. Endeavour to arrange for your driving lessons to commence and finish at agreed locations, which are mutually convenient.

11. Ask your instructor to arrive promptly at the agreed pick-up location for lesson and to notify you as soon as possible if he/she is likely to be late for any reason.

12. To arrange for your tuition to take place at times agreed between you and your instructor and for your instructor to give you 24 hours notice if lesson dates and times need to be changed (subject to reasonable occasional delays due to traffic congestion).

13. Deliver your training progress as a learner driver in accordance with the DVSA/TSD syllabus.

14. Arrange for accurate records to be maintained of driving lesson undertaken, those booked for future dates and payments made for lessons.

15. Endeavour to provide a consistent level of service to all customers.

16. Provide access to a range of up to date and competitively priced self-study aids, including books and CD-ROMs, to help you prepare for your theory and practical tests.

17. On request, endeavour to arrange for you to undertake a mock test with another local TSD Instructor.

18. Provide you with access to suitable vehicle for your practical test, unless your instructor is not satisfied that you have reached the required standard to take the tests.

19. On request, arrange for you to be introduced to driving instructor registered to undertake Pass Plus training, which teaches additional driving skill not covered by the practical driving test, and which provides additional experience.

TSD Driving School expectations of you:

1.  Obtain prior to your first lesson a valid UK licence that allows you to undertake driving tuition. At the first lesson, present both parts of the licence (photocard and counterpart) to your instructor otherwise tuition will not take place.

2. To arrive promptly at the agreed pick-up location for lessons and notify your instructor as soon as possible if you are likely to be late for any reason.

3. Attend your first and all subsequent lessons with any necessary corrective lenses/glasses.

4. Adhere to driving instructions given by your instructor during any practical training.

5. Be courteous and respectful to your instructor and TSD Driving School staff at all times.

6. Do not smoke while in the tuition car.

7. Switch off any mobile phone or other messaging device while driving.

8. Ensure you are fit to drive and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol including prescribed medication which prohibits driving.

9. Ensure payments for lesson are made before the commencement of each lesson.

10. Provide your instructor with at least 24 hours notice off any lessons that you would like to cancel or rearrange. Please note, the instructor is entitled to charge you for lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

11. Provide TSD Driving School and your instructor with as much notice as possible of the dates and times of any practical tests that you plan to take where you would like use the tuition vehicle to take the test.

12. Keep TSD Driving School and your instructor updated with any changes to your personal details, such as change of address and contact telephone numbers.

13. Tell us promptly if something is not to your satisfaction in order that we can try to maintain any problems with your training.

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