The Intermediate £149 offer

The Intermediate £149 offer £25hr: 7 hours: Made up of 4 hours of lessons taken in 2 x 2 hour slots with the final 3 Lessons being saved for the week of your test.

Terms & Conditions (Offer applies ONLY to new learners)

The 3 hours in your final week are conditional upon you having regular lessons and not having a break of more than 14 days between Lesson(s) unless agreed by Your Instructor. Where a breakage of 14 or more days occurred the 3 hours will be forfeited. All other lessons will be charged in accordance with our standard pricing structure which may vary from time to time. The offer is subject to availability. Any pre-booked lessons must be cancelled directly with the instructor otherwise they will be chargeable at the full hourly rate of £25 per hour.