1. Amirul Islam, Fantastic Instructor. 100% recommend to a friend
    Amirul Islam is hands down the best instructor I have had so far. Amirul Islam is a top notch instructor who is flexible with his time schedule, he is very calm, very informative and he takes his job very seriously. He is always there to support you when you need help with your driving and he has such lovely energy when he teaches. A lot of driving learners nowadays fear of getting shouted at when they make driving mistakes, when you have Amirul as your instructor, shouting does not even exist in his teachings. If you make a mistake, he would ask you pull over safely at a safe place and talk you through the mistake and then give you solutions so that you don’t make that same mistake again. After that, you can proceed with your driving. Seriously though, he is the best instructor I have met so far and I would definitely recommend him to anybody 100%. Especially for those driving learners who are nervous, scared, shy when driving. 100% recommend.