How soon can I pass my driving test?

The Department for Transport research shows that an average it takes approximately 45 hours of driving tuition to be ready for a driving test.

This is in general the amount of hours required, however this is dependent on the student’s learning ability as some would require more or less than others.

If you are in the novice stage of learning to drive, it is difficult to assess your course duration so it is advisable to take the average of 45 hours and adjust the plan according to your learning progress.

The actual duration of the course will depend on your previous experience, your present learning ability and the rate at which you learn.

If you have previous experience, the assessment of your driving will be more accurate. However, it’s accuracy is dependent on having regular course of driving lessons.

A structured course of driving will enable you to train and practice to cover all the subjects according to the highway code and DSA criteria.

A course of driving lessons can be semi intensive, intensive or hourly.

Increasing your lesson frequency will enable you to stay in momentum and won’t feel out of practice when you get back in the car.

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